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Rough Terrain Cranes

Products & Services

Rough Terrain Cranes are more rugged than other crane types allowing for lifts to be performed in adverse working conditions. This is facilitated by their larger spec tyres and increased ground clearance. These machines are generally not allowed to travel on public roads and therefore require

transportation to / from site. Once on site these cranes can perform “lift and carry” type works (although at a reduced capacity) in addition to their routine lift work. We supply Rough Terrain Cranes up to 30 ton lifting capacity.

Tadano TR250M-5

Lifting Capacity: 25 Tons
Main Boom Length: 30,5m
Straight Fly Jib: 13m

Kato KR 220 H-II

Lifting Capacity: 25 Tons
Main Boom Length: 28m
Straight Fly Jib: 8,2m

Grove RT 530E

Lifting Capacity: 30 Tons
Main Boom Length: 28m
Straight Fly Jib: 13,7m

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the procedure to hire a crane?

It is first necessary to spec. the job. What are the details of the load being lifted? Size, mass, height, working radius, access, location etc. It is generally best that we send a company representative to site to confirm the most effective and efficient manner in which the job should be performed to suit your requirements. A quotation is then prepared and submitted containing the specifications of the crane to be used plus any additional on-site services which may be required e.g. transport, rigging etc.

Once your internal commercial processes have been followed, the crane can be booked/ordered for delivery to site on the required date.


What company documentation would you need?

For first time customers, we require all the necessary company documentation (letterhead, company registration documents etc.) as well as any commercial documentation relating to the official job order.

If you wish to open an account, we will supply you with an “Application for Credit” which specifies all the necessary documentation and information to be supplied.


Do you need your own insurance to hire a crane?

No, Atlas has its own insurance to cover any form of damage which could result to the crane whilst performing a lift on site. It does not however cover any form of “consequential damages” to the customers’ equipment, site and/or loss of income or profits.

Should you have insurance cover for “hired-in-plant”, and this is sufficient to cover the replacement cost of the crane, then this should be acceptable. We do however require a copy of your policy which relates to this, to ensure that the crane is adequately covered for the duration of the job.


Our site is based outside of South Africa. What documents would be required to hire?

We have on multiple occasions travelled to countries in the SADC region. To note is that each country has specific requirements for the importation / exportation of capital equipment and temporary work visas for personnel from South Africa.

We can certainly assist in advising the documentation and process requirements for undertaking jobs in Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. We do however employ specialist companies to ensure legal compliance with each country’s legislation, regulations and processes.


Can Atlas Crane supply an operator?

All of our operators are specifically trained and certified (medically, driving and operationally) to operate their "designated" machine. This to ensure total compliance with the unique capabilities/requirements of the crane as well as to minimize the risks in terms of the "Lifting Machinery Act" and the "Occupational Health and Safety Act of Southern Africa (OSH Act)".

Our drivers are routinely required to successfully complete medical, psychometric, induction, safety and driving/operator training for mines and other plants.


For extended hiring terms, can you train and certify my employees as operators?

Unfortunately, no. The risks associated with an unexperienced operator on a highly specialized and unique piece of mechanical/electronic equipment are potentially catastrophic and life threatening.

Secondly, the terms of our insurance policies specifically stipulate that only Atlas’ trained personnel drive and operate our cranes.


What happens if a crane should break down on a site?

Given the nature of the industry, environment and equipment it does on occasion happen that a machine breaks down. Typically we remedy this situation by having our own or OEM trained technicians on 24 hour standby, who are capable of repairing the majority of faults experienced.

Although irregular, should the problem require that the crane be removed from site to affect repairs, we will gladly send a replacement machine to perform the remaining work.